Services adapted to your needs

We understand and appreciate your own framework and thus we fully provide customizable services as per your needs. We can closely work to adapt to your requirements and fulfilled as needed.

Web Development

We not only design and build new product but we can also go beyond boundaries to help you with your existing project either that of Web Design, Development, and Deployment.

Mobile Development

We move with time! Days are gone when people just talk about Responsive website. Now it’s time you also need the App (Android, Apple and Windows) to make sure you fully give awesome platform to all your users. Thus, we develop not only website but we also build awesome Mobile applications.

Web Data Collection

Web Data Extraction, Social Media Monitoring, News Syndication, Online Account Aggregation, Background Checks, AntiPiracy, OSINIT

Analytics & Business Intelligence

Having clean, accurate and easy to digest real-time data can change the way a business runs.

Categorization of our services

Let us put straightforward for the modes and skills we have and by which we can take your business new heights

Web Services

  •     Web Development
  •     E-commerce Development
  •     Scripts & Utilities
  •     Web & Mobile Design
  •     Scripts & Utilities
  •     Web CMS Solutions
  •     WordPress
  •     Joomla
  •     Drupal
  •     Squiz

App Services

  •     Mobile App Development
  •     Mobile App E-commerce Development
  •     Android application development
  •     iPhone application development
  •     Windows application development
  •     Desktop Windows application development
  •     Facebook Apps
  •     Browser application development (Chrome, Opera, Firfox, IE & Safari)


  • Web Data Collection
  • Analytic & Business Intelligence
  • Internet Agent/Robot Development
  • Data Integration
  • Process Automation
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) implementation
  • Web Data Cloud Distribution
  • DDoS implementation
  • Web application firewall (WAF) implementation
  • Broad security protection implementation
  • Cloud Computing implementation

Optimization Solutions

  • MySQL Database Optimization
  • Sphinx Search Implementation
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website Optimization (with PageSpeed Google)
  • Webmaster Optimization (Google)
  • Mobile Optimization (with PageSpeed Google)
  • HTML Markup
  • Sitemap Generation and submission to Webmasters

Had a idea? We can help you...

We can closely work to adapt to your requirements and fulfill the task as needed in a very competitive pricing.